The fabric of cities in cinema

Dedalo Minosse Cinema - Fifth Edition

For more than a century cinema tells about cities of the world. Movies are a time machine, a teleportation. A carpet made of roads, squares, boulevards, bridges, roundabouts, galleries, above and underpasses. It is crossed by trams, cars, buses, motorcycles, bikes. From waters that flow imprisoned by levees and pipes. And by humans who intertwine stories. Cinema, telling stories, describes also cities, which sometimes are the protagonists, other times are just a cameo. At times it's not them, they pretend to be, they disguise themselves.

City Carpet is a project that strips movies of their private interiors to give space to public exteriors. For us, the story ends on the front door. We are travellers, tourists, who want to get lost in the labyrinth and then find ourselves and tell the story of the journey. It can be done without leaving home, it's a zero kilometer trip. Finally there is another city "for singing".