Dedalo Minosse Cinema

Who we are
Who we are

Dedalo Minosse Cinema is promoted by ALA - Assoarchitetti, an association committed for decades to the promotion of good architecture and good professionals, whose aim is to bring the big audience closer to the professional themes.

The starting point of this event is the book "La recita dell'architetto" written by Giorgio Scianca and Stefano della Casa, where 1523 films, in all the languages of the world, are described and analysed, from 1901 to nowadays, and they all feature an architect as main character.

There is a countless number of actors, film directors, art directors, lighting and photo directors that worked and still work in film making after studying in a School of Architecture.

It's a journey through the time and space of a profession, told with great generosity by the cinema of the past, that continues in the present with an average of 20 films per year.

These are stories inspired by the reality in different parts of the world and they represent the middle-land between the cinema (fiction) and the architecture (reality), becoming an occasion to meet for the protagonists of this two worlds so near and yet so far.