Dedalo Minosse Cinema - Fourth Edition

4 films with 17 leading architects shot between the 2008 economic crisis and the current global pandemic, selected to answer a question: "Quo vadis, Architetto"?
This is the ArchiEscape project, promoted by Dedalo Minosse Cinema with the collaboration of the Turin Architecture Foundation.

The cinema of the last ten years, before the COVID storm, has told how the figure of the architect has been transformed after the great economic crisis of 2008. From Reaganian Hedonism to the Archistar © phenomenon, which nevertheless remains in the collective imagination, architect and designer in general seem to react to the collapse of turnover and of the market simply by fleeing from their social responsibilities. Moving away, isolating oneself, waiting for the end in disbelief that the mechanism of life can set in motion something that they had not foreseen, planned. Of course, this applies to all the professional categories that have led Western-model companies over the last hundred years. The feeling, a few months later of the new global pandemic, is that the process will intensify and that for those who cannot overcome this umpteenth obstacle, destiny will be oblivion. Categories of professionals of the past have left little traces of themselves that many young people are now trying to recover.

The contribution that our "story" which has just begun would like to bring to the attention of the community is a reflection that uses the figure of the architect as a guiding thread, cinema as a means of expression, play as a universal medium of entertainment and communication.

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