Date: September 8th, 2023

Location: Teatro Olimpico, Vicenza

The Regional Federation of Orders of Veneto has organized an event to celebrate the centenary of the establishment of Orders of Architects, which will be held on Friday 8th of September at the Olympic Theatre in Vicenza.
The topic of the meeting will focus on the social and cultural role of our profession and to develop it some young successful colleagues who have worked in various fields, including Dedalo Minosse Cinema, will be invited to a talk.

For the occasion, Giorgio Scianca, scientific director of DMCinema, will present "ARCHITETTI 100". From Amedeo Nazzari to Vittoria Puccini. Passing through Marcello Mastroianni, Alberto Sordi, Laura Morante, Gabriele Ferzetti, Nino Manfredi, Fabio Volo, Paola Cortellesi, Elena Sofia Ricci, Claudio Santamaria, Sergio Castellito, Margherita Buy. The faces of an architect in cinema have marked the time of fashions, customs, stereotypes of the profession that today is rediscovered in the centenary registry office.

"When are you architects? In my opinion - says Giorgio Scianca - when you are aware of being one. It's like cats with mirrors. Some see an enemy, an antagonist in the reflection. Others see, seek, do not concentrate on themselves, but on other reflected images. But no one recognizes himself. We need to recognize ourselves in order to be. Cinema is a mirror of reality, not a window. The things we see are not illusions, but reflected images. We can recognize ourselves even if the face is different, if the action we see represented makes us imagine we are in the actor's place (identification), and we would like his words, which are not seen but heard, to appear in our mouths, as if we were dubbers. This is the magic of cinema: in cinema we are all architects when the protagonist is an architect. At least a little."

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